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New Feature About Plugin Customization and Integration

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Hello gVectors Support Team:

                       I plan to build a website with the ability to allow users to post questions and get answers from experts like The detailed functionalities are the following:

  1. Users can subscribe to different plans which allow them to post different numbers of questions per month in order to help them study.
  2. Users who do not subscribe cannot see the expert answers (expert answers are hidden) but can see the answers posted by general users. Users who subscribed can see all questions and answers. but they may have the limit of different categories based on their plan subscribed.
  3. Users need to choose categories when they post questions, and questions are automatically assigned to experts of that category. Website administrators and experts can also assign questions to different experts or change question categories.
  4. The remaining questions get automatically deducted once a question posted is answered correctly, or users can get their questions refunded.

                       Please let me know if you can take this project based on the current plugin you have. I hope that the modification and customization are not that big. Please also get me a quote for this project so that I can have a budget in mind.

  1. In addition, could you please make wpForo compatible with BuddyBoss theme since it is one of the most popular community themes on the market now?
  2. Also, could you please make wpForo compatible with Youzify since it is the most popular BuddyPress plugin on the market now?

                      Thank you for your help and have a great day.



Best Regards

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Hi @z14165899,

Please send your request to sales[at], that's the way to contact with gVectors Custom Work team, they do the custom works related to gVectors products.

We provide here wpForo Forum Plugin Support.