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wpForo 1.x.x Broken links

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All the subdomains created by this forum is working but when we generate audit report it shows broken links. These all links all created by wpforo forum. My Question is . Is there any way to redirect every page of forum to homepage? Right now forum is display on the homepage when we open the post or topic of forum it redirects it to the sub domain "/community".  Is it possible to create  subdomains on wordpress pages which is right now created by thirdparty website. 

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The /community/ path is the base path of the forum. All plugins have a base path to understand that the current URL calls their content. There is no way to detect plugin specific content without the base path. The only way is disabling everything on website front-end and leave the forum only. This way is called "Turn WordPress to wpForo", here is the documentation, please read it carefully:

Use this option if you don't have other content on the website front-end. Or install a new WordPress in some sub-domain and use that wordpress only for your forum with the "Turn WordPress to wpForo" option.

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hey, thanks for sharing your question i am also searching same question which you have hope i will find answer here.