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Migrate to wpForo

We’ve developed Go2wpForo tool to make it easy migrate from your old forum software to wpForo.

What migrates Go2wpForo tool?

We do our best to improve this free migration tool as much as possible, however that’s very hard to make migration tool for all kind and size of forums. This tool is designed for default forum components migration like Forums, Topics, Posts, Attachments and Users. This will not migrate data like PMs, Polls, etc…

Is there any support for this tool?

Forum to Forum migration is a large project. We’re sorry but we cannot support issues arisen during your forum migration. We only support questions related how to use and configure this tool in wpForo support forum. We don’t support the result of migration. This kind of large work is out of our support. In case the migration result of this tool doesn’t satisfy you, you should contact to professional forum migration services for custom migration. We only recommend gConverter or ProfProjects services for such projects. They have already done hundreds of forum to wpForo migration projects with the best result.

Does this tool preserve user password?

User passwords will be preserved if you migration from WordPress plugins like bbPress, Simple:Press, Asgaros or from any Q&A forum plugins, because user passwords hashing/encrypting algorithm stays the same with WordPress functions. However if you migrate from stand-alone forum softwares like phpBB, SMF or MyBB there is no way to preserve passwords. The password hashing/encrypting algorithms are totally different and they don’t match to WordPress. There is no way to decrypt password hashes, this is one way encryption process, thus all users password will be changed. Users should reset their passwords using “Lost your password?” link located under forum login form. You also can add a small note/message to forum users and put the reset password link in that message on top of your forum home page using Admin Note tool in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Misc admin page.

Available Migrations

We’re working hard to improve this tool and add new forum software migration options. Currently it supports these migrations:

bbPress to wpForo

Simple:Press to wpForo

Asgaros to wpForo

AnsPress to wpForo

DW Q&A to wpForo

WP Q&A to wpForo

phpBB to wpForo

SMF to wpForo

MyBB to wpForo

Joomla Kunena to wpForo

Download Go2wpForo Tool

  1. For wpForo 2.x | The latest Go2wpForo 3.0.2 version | DOWNLOAD ∇
  2. For wpForo 1.x |  Go2wpForo 2.1.4 version | DOWNLOAD ∇


  • This tool installs like any other plugin for WordPress
  • Downloaded Go2wpForo zip file.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add new and upload addon ZIP file and activate.
  • Once the plugin is active, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Go2wpForo admin page and choose the forum you’d like to migrate from.

bbPress (extra tools)

Attachments – If you’ve used GD bbPress Attachments plugin for file attachments please read this support topic: https://wpforo.com/community/bbpress/migrate-bbpress-attachments-to-wpforo/

URL Redirection – After migration from bbPress to wpForo you can redirect bbPress forum and topic URLs to according wpForo forum and topics using Redirect2wpForo plugin: https://wpforo.com/community/bbpress/bbpress-to-wpforo-url-301-redirection/

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