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Member Rating

wpForo has built-in member reputation system based on points user get when he/she creates new topic, posts, when gets likes or dislikes. This system grants Rating Titles and Rating Badges. All component of this system (number of posts, titles, badges) can be customized and changed in this admin section.

For an advanced user ranking and members’ points awarding system, we recommend use myCRED plugin and buy the integration addon: wpForo myCRED Integration addon.

In case you use a multi-board system (you have multiple forum pages), you’ll find the Member Rating in the top wpForo menu section.

  • Single Board Forum: Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Member Rating
  • Multi-boards Forum: Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Member Rating


Enable Member Rating Badges and Titles

Using these two options, you can enable disable rating badges and titles for all usergroups. If you need to manage them per usergroup you should use the corresponding options in the “Display Reputation Title and Badges” section at the bottom of this admin page.


Reputation Point Counting

Starting from wpForo 2 version, you can set different points for likes, dislikes, new topics and posts. The user reputation will be based on number of points users. If you’re updating your forum from v1 to v2 the current reputation of members will not be reset. However, the reputation changing process will be based on likes (0.5), dislikes(-0.5), posts(1) and topics(2) in comparison to the old “only post (1)” based reputation system. Now the reputation won’t only increase, it’ll be capable to decrease based on dislikes.

If you use myCRED plugin with wpForo myCRED Integration addon you should know that the new points based forum rating is not connected to the myCRED points, they are separate ranking systems and award different badges and ranks.

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