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Forum Notifications

As an addition to email notification functions, wpForo has in-forum notification system. You can see the notification bell on forum menu bar or in the sidebar with “My Profile and Notifications” widget. Currently, in-forum notification system supports the following actions:

  • New reply in your topic
  • New reply / quote to your post
  • New mentioning
  • New like to your post
  • New up / down vote to your post
  • New Private Message (if you use wpForo Private Messages addon)

If you’ve disabled the forum menu bar with the Notification Bell, you still have an option to get forum notifications using “My Profile and Notifications” widget. If you use the notification bell in Menu bar, you can disable the bell in widget using widget options.

This widget is very flexible. All components can be disabled. For guests this widget displays [login] and [registration] buttons with different widget title. You can change widget titles too. Also, you can fully disable this widget for guests and keep it only for logged-in users.

All settings related to the notification system you can find in “Forum Notification” admin section. This is a board specific setting section, if you have more than one board then you can find these settings under each dashboard menu of forum boards. For example, if you’ve created two forum boards “EN Forum” and “FR Forum”, then you’ll find the Forum Notification of each board in the corresponding menu:

  • Single Board Forum:
    • Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Forum Notification
  • Multi-Boards Forum:
    • Dashboard > EN Forum > Settings > Forum Notification
    • Dashboard > FR Forum > Settings > Forum Notification


Enable User Notification Live Update

You have an option to enable live update for in-forum notification bell. This is the core live update option to keep notification list real-time updating. wpForo live update is very light and doesn’t overload your server. However, we recommend monitoring your server resources if you’re on a Shared hosting plan. There are some very weak hosting plans which may not be able to perform very frequently live update requests.


Display User Notification Bell on Menu Bar

If you have enabled the “My Profile and Notifications” widget in wpForo sidebar, it would be better to set this option [No]. Otherwise, you’ll have double notification bells in a small section: