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Topic Tags

Tags are a free form method of categorization, currently being used to group and categorize similar topics. The goal of using these tags in the forum is to create a “heat map”, an index of topics covered within the Forum. The larger the size of the tag, the more discussions about the topic.

This is a board specific setting page, if you have more than one board then you can find these settings under each dashboard menu of forum boards. For example, if you’ve created two forum boards “EN Forum” and “FR Forum”, then you’ll find the Topic Tags settings of each board in the corresponding menu:

  • Single Board Forum:
    • Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Topic Tags
  • Multi-Boards Forum:
    • Dashboard > EN Forum > Settings > Topic Tags
    • Dashboard > FR Forum > Settings > Topic Tags


Maximum Number of Tags per Topic

By default, you can add five tags to topics. Using this option, you can increase this number.


Number of Tags per Page

This is the number of tags per page displayed on the tags page.


Maximum Tag Length

This option controls the maximum number of characters in tags. By default, it’s set 25.


Maximum Number of Suggested Tags

Tags are suggested while you type in the tag field. Using this option, you can limit the maximum number of suggested tags.


Force Lowercase Tags

If this option is enabled, all new tags will be converted to lower case when you submit them with a new topic.