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Simplified Layout

You can set Simplified layout to any category using the corresponding option in Forum Edit screen:
Documentation: https://wpforo.com/docs/wpforo-v2/categories-and-forums/categories-and-forums/forum-layouts/

Simplified Layout is a simple, modern and beautiful forum layout with topic and post author avatars on forum and topic lists. This layout works very fast on very large forums (more than 1m posts) because of its lightness.


Simplified Layout – Forum List

This layout is very simple yet informative. Besides Forum icon, title and description, it also displays statistic¬† data such as number of Topics and Posts. You can see the latest post¬† information on the right side with forum participants’ avatars.


Simplified Layout – Topic List

On the left side you can see Topic title, author avatar, name and date. On the right side number of replies, views, last post author name and date.


Simplified Layout – Post List