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Subscriptions & Mentioning

wpForo has almost all kind of way to keep forum users updated about the latest posted content. Users can subscribe to forums and topics, they can be mentioned in posts, they can follow to other users. On all these cases, users get email and in-forum notification. And all these features can be managed in this admin section.

This is a board specific setting page, if you have more than one board then you can find these settings under each dashboard menu of forum boards. For example, if you’ve created two forum boards “EN Forum” and “FR Forum”, then you’ll find the Subscriptions & Mentioning of each board in the corresponding menu:

  • Single Board Forum:
    • Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Subscriptions & Mentioning
  • Multi-Boards Forum:
    • Dashboard > EN Forum > Settings > Subscriptions & Mentioning
    • Dashboard > FR Forum > Settings > Subscriptions & Mentioning


Enable Subscription Confirmation

wpForo has a double opt-in subscription system. A double opt-in means that not only does the visitor have to enter their email and click sign up, they also have to confirm their subscription via a link which sent to them in a confirmation email. The subscription confirmation email text can be managed in this admin section as well.


Topic subscription option on post editor

This option adds a topic subscription checkbox next to the new topic and post submit button. Enable the next “Topic subscription option on post editor – checked/enabled” option if you want the topic subscription checkbox to be checked by default.


Enable User Mentioning

If this option is enabled, users will receive email notification when someone uses @nickname of the user in posts. You can manage the email content in this admin page as well. Users can mute the mentioning emails from their profile page:


Enable User Following

Started from wpForo 2.0.0 users can follow other users. If this option is enabled, the [Follow] button will be displayed on user’s profile pages, letting users subscribe to certain users topics and posts. The follower user will receive email notification when the followed user posts a new topic or post.