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wpForo Shortcodes

Started from version 1.0.0 you can use wpForo shortcodes. These shortcodes can only be used in Page contents (it’ll not work in widgets or in other theme parts):

Loads forum index. If you want to change forum page/slug, please read this instruction.

[wpforo boardid="0"]


Loads ID = 2 forum page. On this page you can see all subForums and Topics of the ID=2 Forum.

[wpforo item="forum" id="2"]
[wpforo boardid="0" item="forum" id="2"]


Loads ID = 10 topic page. On this page you can see all posts of the ID=10 Topic.

[wpforo item="topic" id="10"]
[wpforo boardid="0" item="topic" id="10"]


Current user profile page.

[wpforo item="profile"]


Loads ID=25 user profile page.

[wpforo item="profile" id="25"]


Loads ID=25 user profile tabs.

[wpforo item="activity" id="25"]
[wpforo item="account" id="25"]
[wpforo item="favored" id="25"]
[wpforo item="subscriptions" id="25"]
[wpforo item="messages" id="25"]


Add New Topic – URL / Shortcode (since wpForo 1.8.0 version)

If you call this URL it’ll open New Topic Creation editor for logged-in users:

https:// example.com /community/add-topic/

If you want to open the editor with a preselected forum (ID) you can call this URL, where 19 is the forum ID:

https:// example.com /community/add-topic/19/

Also, you can create “Add new topic” page using the following shortcodes:

  • [wpforo item="add-topic"]
    [wpforo boardid="0" item="add-topic"]
  • [wpforo item="add-topic" id="19"]
    [wpforo boardid="0" item="add-topic" id="19"]
  • [wpforo item="add-topic" slug="how-to-and-troubleshooting-2"]
    [wpforo boardid="0" item="add-topic" slug="how-to-and-troubleshooting-2"]