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Starting with the wpForo 2.0 version the logic of the email shortcodes has been improved.



The red marked part of the shortcode gets the current object that the field names belong to. Those objects can be:

  • user_
  • owner_
  • forum_
  • topic_
  • post_

The green part is the name of the field for that object. Those can be the field names of default fields as well as the field names created either by wpForo - User Custom Fields or wpForo - Topic Custom Fields Addons.

Let's discuss an example with the default field.


In this example, in the email, it'll display the "title" value of the "forum_" object.

Let's discuss an example with a custom field called "website_url".


In this example, in the email, it'll display the "website_url" custom field value of the "topic_" object.

The last point regarding the shortcodes. 

The green part of the shortcode can be url or link. E.g.

  • [forum_url] - displays not clickable link
  • [forum_link] - displays clickable link

That is: The same logic works for all email shortcodes.

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