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[Closed] Not getting notifications for forum replies

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Hello again...

I've had notification issue before but I identified the problem that was a caching plugin, that I've since deleted. Now I am doing final testing again and the Ultimate notifications are working well. 

I even subscribed to a forum post, and I got a notification on the screen that my subscription would be emailed, I got that email, but I don't get any notification in Buddypress nor email when repliying to Forum posts.

I deactivated all plugins except Buddypress and Wpforo just for testing and still no notifications when replying to a Forum comment in Buddypress or emails.






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We have talked about it and somehow you didn't follow any suggestions and now you post again about the very same issue ?




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I have enabled debug mode but cannot find out how to see the errors on my browser, can you assist me with instructions?


Hi @naomibuch, here's how to Debug and see the errors in your browser: 

  1. Go to: Forum Dashboard
  2. Tools
  3. Click the Debug tab
  4. On the Debug Information Row
  5. Click [ Errors & Issues ]
  6. There you will see "Issues and Recommendations" and Error Logs
  7. So you can know which or what exactly is causing the issues you're having.
  8. Once you've identified the exact issue that's causing the errors .. 
  9. Go back to your Forum Dashboard
  10. Under Forum Maintenance
  11. Click Delete All Caches
  12. Press Control F5 twice on your frontend and test it again.

Also it helps to test it on an Incognito Window or in another browser, especially if you are also testing on a Mobile Device (since Mobile devices have hard caches).

Hope this helps.  Good luck and God bless you!  🙂