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wpForo 1.x.x Forum-Search doesn't work without Forum-Sidebar

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Hi there,

first of all I would like to appreciate your work and effort - your forum-plugin looks very good and works very well. I imported from a phpbb and after the 3rd time-consuming try everything was imported - thumbs up, I have seen worse!

But ... (I really hate to do this, but your USP is support and I guess there are more users experiencing the same issues.)

... one of my main reasons to switch to a WP-Plugin was to make the forum searchable with wordpress search. Ok, I understand you guys are working on it. Meanwhile I use a workaround, posting an additional search-form for the forum-search on the main site.
The problem is ... this search is not working as long there is no wpforo-search in the wpforo-sidebar.
So, if I put the wpforo-Search into the wpforo-Sidebar - Search results will be presented.
If I put the wpforo-Search into Main-Sidebar - Search-Results will be presented (as long wpforo-Search is in wpforo-Sidebar!!)
As soon as I leave wpforo-Sidebar empty, there are no search-results with Main-Sidebar-wpforo-Search or Wpforo-Head-Search!

Some User mentioned this (or related) problem earlier and Alvina said start of April, it would be fixed with next update, but in my case it was not.

I tried another workaround and put my sidebar-widgets in wpforo-sidebar, but this was a total mess.
None of the main sidebar-styles have been used for wpforo-sidebar. You know why ... To customize the wpforo-Sidebar is quiet complicated, so I go for your support.

If the wpforo-search-widget would work from any widget area on main site and would present results, I am happy for the moment.

Thanks for reading and again ... for your great plugin!