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[Closed] How to make specific forum , with private

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i have wpforo addon which works nice with many forums , 

i have paid members , i already use mempership paid pro addon integrated with wpforo


i made a forum specific access for membership

but what i need


how to make this forum when user creat topic in it , it will be private by default , this is opposite what all forums did "general by default but user has option to make it private"

i need : topic is private by defalut + he can not make it public

This feature will help us in our site to dale with user paid topic for literature analyzing  

so no one will see his topic "title + content" and he also can not see others , 

we found that we can did this by access options but we need the user by himsrlf to choose "private" and thus is not practical for us . 

so is there way ? 
by makinf specific for private topics only by default as option in the page of settinfg of this forum 


by give option in user access setting , that he will add topic as private by default . 

if there are another way fir example css fir specific forum to make topics "choosen as private" by defalut plz reply to me 


thank you very much 

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