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[Solved] Order within thread of posts/answers if edited

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We are just rolling out your product to a client and they have a question:

If a member updates a post response (answer) they've already made, how is that thread ordered? Is that response now placed based on the date they updated or original date of the response (answer). Please let me know/point me towards info on how this works - and if there are any options for changing. 

Thank you!

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Hi @digitalgirl ,
The posts within a topic are ordered based on their actual creation date, regardless of how many times they have been edited. There is no way to edit this ordering permanently.

However, if you are using the 'Question-Answer' layout, you have the option to change the ordering temporarily for the currently displayed posts. You can do this by using the dropdown menu in the top part of the layout after loading the topic page.


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Hi @blackraz, Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed.