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[Closed] Photo uploads appear blurry

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Hi. I purchased the advanced attachments addon for wpforo and now when I add photos to a post, the image that shows up is blurry. You can click on an image and it brings up a slideshow with high quality images. I would like the images to display in good quality from the start.

On the following thread, all the images except those in the last post were uploaded before I installed the advanced attachment plugin and they seem ok. In the last post, however, the images seems grainy and distorted unless you click on them.

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Hi @blake

Check these two settings in the Advanced Attachments addon.

  • Thumbnail JPEG Quality: from 0 (worst quality, smaller file) to 100 (best quality, biggest file)
  • Thumbnail PNG Compression level: from 0 (no compression) to 9.

you can also remove the default thumbnails > opacity / transparency (0.9)

add this to custom css

#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpfa-item.wpfa-img {opacity: 1 !important;}

If you have any further questions about the addon, you should post them here: