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[Closed] wpForo not logged in users

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We are using wpForo on our webpage "". we have 3 kinds of users:

1 - standard users with membership to our club,
2 - users with restricted access only to our forum "wpForo" and
3 - users of our board

Handled by the WP plugin "Permissions Settings" we have implemented a role based usage permissions for 3 the kinds of our users.

If a user is not logged in wanting to go to the pages for our standard or board users, the WP plugin "Rank Math SEO" is redirecting these users to our login page.

If a user is not logged in wanting to go to the forum this does not work! The user only sees an empty page without any chance to login (see attachment).

Can you help?

Best Regards, Albrecht

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Hi @araff ,

As far as I know, you would need to create custom scenarios for redirects based on user login status and other parameters. To request custom development, integrations, and more, please visit the following link, fill out the provided form, and our custom development team will review and respond to your inquiry.