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[Closed] Has anyone succesfully migrated fomr wpForo to another software?

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Hi. I understand that there isn't any official support for migrating to another software, but this discussion is quite necessary because the ability to switch platforms is a major feature for a forum. Most migration services do not have any tools for migrating away from WPforo, and it's a major liability to let a forum grow to a massive size without knowing if we can switch platforms later on.

Has anyone tried to migrate to another software, perhaps to myBB? I know that wpForo has a migration plugin to migrate from myBB, can this tool be "Reversed" to migrate to myBB, a platform that migration services do support?

I'm looking at the SQL database for wpForo right now, and it looks straightforward enough - but I don't currently have the skills needed to do this work. I'll be learning and updating my progress here, hopefully another user with experience or the WPforo staff can help me out if I run into a snag. And if the myBB -- >WpForo plugin can be reversed, it would give WPforo the legitimate feature of giving forum admins flexibility if they want to change their CMS or their entire back-end.



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Hi @tgw,

Sure, there are many services that could help you migration to other forum platforms. For example the ProfProjects and gConverter. Here is the official statistic of the gConverter forum migration services:



As you can see most migration services related to wpForo were performed TO wpForo. But they also do migration from wpForo. You can also see their recent migration services in the right sidebar: https://gconverters.com/statistics/


We prefer spend our time on making wpForo better every day, so working on "out migration" tools is in the lowest priority.  Our time is very limited, and we try to spend it on wpForo improvement as much as possible.

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We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

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Thank you for the resources Robert! I've reached out to both of them. WPForo is still the best on Wordpress, but I'm moving to a Node.JS back end and have few options.

If either of them complete the migration, I'll update this thread. And if I have to build a tool myself I'll let you know about it