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I know that passwords do NOT import with the Phpbb data, but how do I manage transitioning members to the new site?

Is there a way to globally reset the password to a generic one, until they have a chance to reset it? Do I just tell members to use the "forgot password" function?


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Hi @webmasterstinsonclub-org,

Thank you for using wpForo.

User passwords will be preserved if you migration from WordPress plugins like bbPress, Simple:Press, Asgaros or from any Q&A forum plugins because user passwords hashing/encrypting algorithm stays the same with WordPress functions. However, if you migrate from stand-alone forum software like phpBB, SMF or MyBB there is no way to preserve passwords. The password hashing/encrypting algorithms are totally different and they don’t match to WordPress. There is no way to decrypt password hashes, this is one-way encryption process, thus all users password will be changed. Users should reset their passwords using “Lost your password?” link located under the forum login form. You also can add a small note/message to forum users and put the reset password link in that message on top of your forum home page using Admin Note tool in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Misc admin page.

The information is already mentioned in doc:

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Thank you, I have done as you suggested and posted an Admin note.


BTW, I have requested that Memberpress fully support your forum software as I think it is superior.