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[Solved] advanced attachment storage location

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Is it possible to create an option in the plugin update so that storage location of uploaded files can be optionally changed and, for example, moved into an optional folder out of WP_CONTENT?

Also, the size of uploaded files can be set less than 1 mb? (for example 200 kb)

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Hi @arshia66,

Thank you for using wpForo and for contacting us.

wpForo Advanced Attachment addon is not connected with the WordPress Media Library.  wpForo Attachments are forum attachments and are saved in User Specific media libraries.

Also, the size of uploaded files can be set less than 1 mb (for example 200 kb).

I'm sorry, but no. There is no way to set the value of the "Maximum upload file size" option less than 1M. 

For farther support please open a support topic on the gVectors forum. Here we only support free core wpForo plugin.

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thank you