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[Solved] Caps in quotes

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I’ve just run into an old issue after the most recent update where all my quotes are in CAPS. Can someone please advise if I can remove the caps using CSS, so that the quote is in normal case. Plenty of examples in this post:

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#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-post .wpforo-post-quote-author, #wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-revision-body .wpforo-post-quote-author,
#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-post blockquote, #wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-revision-body blockquote {
 text-transform: unset;
 font-weight: normal;
 text-align: left;

had also already answered here > Reply quotes in caps

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@tutrix thank you. That worked perfectly.