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[Closed] Feature Request - Clear Call to Action for a user to start

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Hey Guys,

Testing this awesome software for a Spiritual Forum (test users & feedback welcome). Need some posts for it to take a bit of shape.

My request was a bit unconventional as far as 'forums' and 'discussion boards' go, however since this is a brand new product with super fast development, I thought you guys can very well bring in the change.

A clear call to action for a new user to create a new topic would be a great add on. Not sure how you guys can make it work, however a widget would be an awesome idea. A simple create a topic button, which then gives you a list of forums available, you chose one and boom - you are creating a new topic.

Like if it was only only a question and answer thing - then an option to ask the question somewhere from the home-page would be awesome. 

Hope I have been clear in describing, feel free to ask and discuss.  


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Thank you shashank,

Sure, this is a great idea. I'll add this in our-to do list. But I can't provide with ETA yet. I'll update this topic once we started developing this widget. Probably this will be included in wpForo - 101 Widgets addon.