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[Closed] I just typed up a great post and lost it by clicking [Add Topic]

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I diligently typed up a great post.

Re-read my post.  

And clicked [Add Topic]

Uh oh !

In *RETROSPECT* I see I should have clicked [Save].

Lost data is a serious matter ... my post is gone !!

UI suggestions to avoid this data loss situation.

#1)  After a user clicks [Add topic] HIDE the [Add Topic] button.  Pretty simple.  After you have clicked [Add Topic] there is zero use for this button !  Keeping a button visible that is of no use, but potentially destroys a post is bad UI.

Actually I can only think of one way to avoid this.  🙂 See #1.




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[Add Topic] is just a toggle, it doesn't refresh the page, so you can't lost your text. You just need to click on [Add Topic] again and open the editor with your written text.

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I did notice that the second time.

The first time I must have clicked on something else.


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Ive had this happen to many of my users too!

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Just edited a post and replaced the text with some "test bold" as had a temporary issue with bold not visualizing in the posts. Now I've lost that post 🙁 and the only way to restore it would be from anold copy of the database. However I have no such as this was created yesterday.
Any idea? Or is any version control feature planned for a future realease. Would be helpful for such uncareful guys like me 😀

Best regards,

Emil Nikolov

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