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[Closed] Removing multiple topics

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My forum got spammed and the offender created multiple topics across all sections.

I know that spam prevention is one thing but if something slips through the cracks we need tools to deal with it. On bbpress it was possible to see list of all topics across all categories. I can't find a similar thing in wpForo.

What I need if spam happens is to go to the said list, check all spam topics and do a bulk action of removing them all.

On this occasion I had to go to every single category -> topic and remove spam manually, one-by-one.

Would it be possible to add a function to remove multiple topics in one go?

Or perhaps ban an user and automatically remove all content he created?

Thanks 🙂

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Sure we're working on this, also we're working on wpForo built-in anti-spam solutions.

Currently you can use Hosting Service cPanel - phpMyAdmin to remove all spam topics and posts. Just find the spammer user ID and execute these two SQLs:

DELETE FROM `wp_wpforo_posts` WHERE `userid` = X;
DELETE FROM `wp_wpforo_topics` WHERE `userid` = X;

Change X to spammer user ID. Also make sure your tables prefix is correct, I use wp_ .

phpMyAdmin SQL query screenshots:

Posts Table:

Topics Table:

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Great, good to hear that you're also looking into spam-prevention.

Also, thank you for the suggested workaround 🙂