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[Closed] Slug in Home Page (instead of permanent link)

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Hi, I would like to apologise in advance if as I think, this have nothing to do with WPForum but just in case as it never happened to me before, I think I better just ask...

In all my website, all set up pretty much in the same way, my very home page never have a "slug" as such, instead, have a permanent link which its the very same as the webiste. For instance, in this case, it shoud have been

However, I just realised this very website, and only this one, it does have a slug, and what worries me even more is that said slug got the number "2" included, which its the very same thing that happens in all the urls of the Foros"

My current Home Page slug (not forum page) is "26-2"

I have never come across anything like it before. WHOEVER, I have to say, that on this very website I got a "blog" also which is still empty, so, Im not sure if this matter could be related with the "Blog functionality"

I dont even know if this, having a slug (26-2) in the very Home Page its even a matter or something wrong but I thought better asking just in case

THANKS VERY MUCH and Im very sorry if this question its not related at all ๐Ÿ™‚