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[Closed] Custom HTML In a Custom TAB

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Hi team,

First, thank you for such an incredible product.  I'm a huge fan, and wpForo just keeps getting better and better.  Love it!!

Here's the situation:  I build a custom tab -> mark it as HTML, then add my HTML.

When I go to display it, the CSS is all wrong.  I examine the HTML on the display page, and it's wrapped all my css inside of wpForo DIV's and wpForo CSS takes precedence.  This means, I can't use any "shortcode" or widget inside of my custom HTML tab that "leverages" other CSS.

In other words, I'm stuck using the CSS from wpForo inside the HTML for the custom tab.

What I need is:  to allow a new setting called RAW HTML (not wrapped by wpForo CSS DIVS), so I can leverage other shortcodes and other displays with additional CSS items. or a checkbox:

[ x ] use wpForo CSS?    (when turned off / unselected - it leaves the HTML in the outer DIV sections so that the natural CSS for the website can be leveraged properly.



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You can add the CSS codes in the "Custom CSS code" textarea, located in the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Style Tab. It'll work fine. 

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Thank you - for CSS I want to write myself, yes.    In this case, I want to use CSS that is pre-written by Elementor.   I tried to use a short code for an Elementor widget, and it does not work.   I also tried a short ode for a LearnDash report, that too did not work.  I think tried a shortcode for uncanny owl - LearnDash report, ad that didn’t work.  I tried a shortcode for wpDataTables display a graph, and that didn’t work.


The reason (I think) they didn’t work, is the parent DIV’s were all styled as wpForo divs’.  Forcing the shortcode style commands to be several levels deep in the CSS references,  they simply didn’t display properly because all the other shortcodes expected to set styles starting near the root div.

I’m happy to send an example to your team, or to post the html here if you like, or attach it in a document.  Please let me know how you would like to proceed?

Thanks,  dan