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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Forum meta description doesn't work

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The page is not about the forum. The forum is just insert it...   How to make sure that Shortcod do not change the name of the page?

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Hi @kvv1,

Thank you for letting us know. Current wpForo 1.6.1 version has a bug in Forum meta Description. it doesn't display forum description and Meta Description. We've already fixed in upcoming version. At the moment you can fix it manually using the instruction below:

1. Open wp-content/plugins/wpforo/wpf-includes/wpf-hooks.php file.

2. Find this line:

if( isset(WPF()->current_object['forumid']) && !isset(WPF()->current_object['topicid']) ){

3. Replace it with this script:

if( wpfval(WPF()->current_object, 'forumid') && !wpfval(WPF()->current_object, 'topicid') ){