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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Topic Prefix & Tag Manager add-on breaks new topic body (textarea) field

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I purchased some add-ons last week and one of them is the Topic Prefix & Tag Manager.

After activating this add-on, I'm no longer able to write a new topic as the body (textarea) field has disappeared... pretty weird!

I deactivated the other add-ons again to make sure it's coming from the Topic Prefix & Tag Manager. Also, when I deactivate the Topic Prefix & Tag Manager, I see the body field again.

I have only a few minor css adjustments which have nothing to do with the new topic form and it happens in all forum layouts.

Any idea what might be causing the add-on to behave like this?

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Hi @golabs,

Please move this topic to gVectors Support Forum, we don't support addons here.