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[Solved] wpForo 2.2.4 update caused local site to crash

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I just updated my local copy of wpForo to version 2.2.4 on Wamp64 (php v7.3.12) and it basically caused a fatal error in Cache.php on the following lines...

class Cache {

public string $dir;
public string $locale = '';
public string $special_key = '';
private array $touched_postids = [];

I was able to restore my local site by editing these lines of code to the following...

class Cache {

   public $dir;
   public $locale;
   public $special_key;
   private $touched_postids = [];

I've not updated my site on the public server yet as didn't want to risk bringing it down

Any ideas what caused this error or is it down to the PHP version on my Wamp64?

btw My public server runs PHP v8.0

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This is a PHP 7.3 issue. Please use PHP 8.x versions, at least PHP 7.4. In any case we've adopted wpForo for PHP 7.x version in upcoming version.

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Thanks Robert, I've updated Wamp64 to PHP 7.4 and tested it with the original 2.2.4 update and it works without errors. I'll probably update to PHP 8.0 once I've had time to check some legacy software running on my local server.