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wpForo slows down the browser because it generates a large amount of HTML page code

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One of my sub-forums has a significant number of posts, causing the forum page to be very extensive with up to 13,000 pages, each page containing 15 post titles. When accessing that sub-forum, it becomes exceptionally slow as wpForo generates all 13,000 pages in HTML.

As you can see in the screenshot, that's the view of one of my sub-forums with 68 pages, and you can observe that it creates all those page listings. Imagine with my other sub-forum that has up to 13,000 pages; it would significantly burden the browser. Please, I kindly request wpForo to address this issue so that the pages can load more quickly.


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Hi  @adisaputro 

Thank you for the note. I have added this suggestion to our consideration list.
We will try to help you.