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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Wpforo widget not taking forum accesses into account

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When using i.e. the recent posts widget for wpforo, an issue occurs for users with different forum accesses.

When you select that for example the last 10 posts should show, and there is a forum you have no access to that have i.e. 5 of the 10 newest posts on the forum - your user with less access will only see the 5 latest posts when they should have seen "their" 10 latest posts. 

Worst case scenario is if a forum you do not have access to has the 10 latest posts, and you try to display the 10 latest posts, the user with less access will have an empty list.

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Hi @bjornarfjelldal,

This is a known issue. 

As far as the topic is connected with the users via the forum accesses there are a lot of SQL codes that should be executed for showing the topics in the widgets. We've made this process to work as effective as possible. In future updates will try to find some workaround for such cases, but currently, if we implement this the forum performance will be much time slower. It'll become slower as there will be a lot of SQL codes executed before showing the topics in the Widgets area.