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Script [Closed] Add cryptocurrencies and paypal user fields

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Hello everyone, I am addressing you because I do not have clear ideas and I would like some advice from you.

I created a community in wordpress with wp-foro plugin combined with buddypress, but of which I only use some features, but not the activity flow, the user profile, etc.

Now I would like every user to be able to enter a cryptocurrency payment method in their user profile. Let me explain better:

I would like when the user enters his key (to receive payments) in the profile the name of the crypto appears with the symbol and if another user clicks on it, the usual window opens with qr code and all the usual coordinates , to be able to send them.

I state that I have already purchased the addon to add fields to the user profile

I've read enough around and can't find a plugin that allows you to add a way to receive donations without going to 3rd party.

I would be looking for something much simpler..

Front-end side:

1) Give users the possibility to add, through their profile, the address / token of the cryptocurrencies on which they want to receive the coffees.

2) Give the possibility to the user viewing another user's profile or post to click on the user cryptocurrency field and view the address or token to be able to donate a coffee.

Please guys is there anyone who can give me some advice or point me in the right way?