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[Solved] How can I put my Forum behind a paywall?

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I am building a WpForo forum attached to my website, and I want to sell access to. Has anyone ever done this?

I tried to set this up with Ultimate Membership Pro, but it was so complicated, I could figure out. how to create subscription pages, but not how to connect the whole workflow, which I want to be:

Purchase access >payment confirmation>welcome & register now>login>stay logged in on this device OR Login from Home>access forum

If payment fails>redirect>retry
If renewal payment fails>grace period>auto-logout>redirect>retry
If payment canceled>auto-logout>redirect>want to renew?

Unable to figure out how to make this workflow happen with UMP, I switched to Woo Commerce and Wp Simple Pay, still can't figure out how to do the above.

Can't figure out how to generate a registration page either as a standalone page people can go to, and pay from OR can get to after paying. I'd settle for either workflow.

What I don't want is to make a super busy convoluted process for people. I just want them to be able to click "Join the community" and land on a page that says what options they have (monthly or annual), let's them pay using cc via Stripe, and then deliver them to the WpForo member registration process, which is also only accessible to people who have paid. 

I can't believe no one has done this, and am hoping someone out there can help me!

Oh, I'm on BlueHost using WP and Divi theme, if it matters. Site is not live, so I can't show you.


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Did you ever find a solution to this problem?


I too want to try and put a forum behind a paywall.

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I used Membermouse, and it is working very well!

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You can use any paid membership plugin:

Also, you can check out WooCommerce Membership addon with wpForo WooCommerce Membership Integration addon.