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wpForo 1.x.x Users with 100 uncleared notifications stop getting popup notifications for new notifications

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Found user with more than 100 uncleared notifications ceased getting new notification popups. Looks like the following array limit in class-activity.php is the problem.  Can you please address this in next version?


public function get_notifications(){
$args = array( 'itemtype' => 'alert', 'userid' => WPF()->current_userid, 'row_count' => 100 );
$args = apply_filters( 'wpforo_get_notifications_args', $args );
return $this->get_activities($args);
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Hi @nando4,

There is not any bugs here.

The notifications are being registered even if they are more than 100, but they'll not be displayed until you've not cleared some notifications. Only earliest 100 notifications are shown.

This is not a bug. This is a protection. If some forum is hacked and a topic has replied thousands time the page will not be crashed when it's loading the thousands of notifications. Currently, the limit is set 100 and as you can see we've added a filter hook to change the limit.

To increase the 100 displaying limit you can add this hook code to your current active theme functions.php file:

function custom_wpforo_notification_limit( $args ){
if( isset($args['row_count']) ) {
$args['row_count'] = 500;
} return $args;
add_filter('wpforo_get_notifications_args', 'custom_wpforo_notification_limit', 10);