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New Feature [Closed] Different CSS settings for the current design / design per user

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I would like to let the user decide which display style to have. Experienced users can " handle " more functions than others.

Also one could give already by CSS well a choice for the used extras. For example, if someone goes permanently with 24" (1920 width) on the forum, a maximum display usage would be cool. To do all this via CSS in the active theme is a lot of work...

In addition - what is also used with pleasure - by the user selectable whether he would like rather discreetly or almost monochrome or "default" colorful the view.

Last but not least: a very simple view with only the most necessary images etc...

If these ideas can be considered for an implementation in a newer version, I offer my assistance / beta-testing!

Thanks & greetings

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I'm sorry but wpForo doesn't have an option to change the style on front-end. The things you're mentioning requires lots of custom codding and out of the free support scope.