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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] forum access for new usergroups

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Is there any way to fix the default new usergroup access level to "No access" rather than standard access? We have many new forums being added and every time we add a new usergroup/new forum I have to go into every forum in the entire site to change the new usergroup's access to No Access. Getting to be quite the pain.


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Hi @aggie,

1. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page

2. Add new Usergroup "New Registered" and set "No Access" as a default Forum Access



3. Then go back to the main screen of Usergroups and set the "New Registered" Usergroup as the default Usergroup.



So all your new registered users will get "New Registered" usergroup and have No Access to forums. But then you should manually change their Usergroup to "Registered" to grant them "Standard Access" in forums.