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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] I can't login to the admin panel because it goes through wp-foro. Something has broken!

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I disabled wpForo so that I could get into the admin panel, and my backup plugins are not working correctly. UpDraft plus just completed a backup no problem on Saturday, but now it's hitting a hiccup. And Duplicator can't finish at all. 

STRANGELY, some of my users are still commenting and using the forum. I'm going to have to assume it's because they never got logged out!

This is what I'm sending SiteGround:


I do not think that the issue is with the plugin - it looks like something changed on the server side which is impacting the website.

I say this because:
1. No changes were made to the website or plugins for weeks before it went down, and I didn't personally make any changes to the server recently either.
2. After disabling the wpForo plugin, I got into the admin panel and attempted to do backups of the website with Updraft Plus and Duplicator. These two plugins have been making weekly backups no problem for months, but now they're hitting errors when trying to do the backup. Duplicator says:
Host Build Interrupt
This server cannot complete the build due to host setup constraints.
To get past this hosts limitation consider the options below by clicking each section.

It never had this problem before with my backup plugins. Just this Saturday Updraft completed an automatic backup with no hiccups - so something likely changed Sunday/Monday

I've attached a debug log, and also put up a notice on the website that the forum may be down - so if you need to temporarily disable wpforo by renaming the plugin folder please go ahead. It'll get you to the admin console at least. 

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to aid you.




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@tgw If you DID disable wpForo plugin, there is NO WAY for users to continue writing/reading/commenting. Well maybe reading via a cache (high unlikely) but writing/commenting i guess not.


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Thanks a lot for your help and input. The issue is fixed, here was their reply:

Thank you for the update.

I was able to resolve the issue by updating the path in your .user.ini file as well and the notice is no longer present.

I would kindly ask you to verify the results on your side as well.

Could someone give me a dumbed-down explanation of what they fixed? I'm learning as I go, every time a website breaks down I learn a bit more 

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