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[Closed] [group authorizations] "You are not allowed to view the attachments" after security reinforcing

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we can not view attachments after reinforcing the security on our group forums.




Our non profit school alumni forum allows approved users only to use the shared forum, and class members exclusively their class forum.

Groups, roles, Forum access setup:

  • self-registered users are given the default WP role Subscribers, with WPForo Standard access, which was cleared from all permissions to prevent them any forum access until they are manually approved by admin
  • approved members are assigned the role MembersRole (created with Ultimate Member plugin as a copy of the default Subscriber role) and put in the MembersGroup WPForo group
  • the MembersGroup is given the MembersAccess authorizations (copied from the Standard access which included attachments permissions)
  • ClassA members only are added to the WPForo ClassAGroup


Category, Forum Authorizations setup

* Main Category (MembersGroup: MembersAccess, other: no access)

     - Shared Forum (MembersGroup: MembersAccess, other: no access)

     - ClassA Forum (ClassAGroup: MembersAccess, other: no access)

     - ClassB Forum (ClassBGroup: MembersAccess, other: no access)


  1. Why ClassA memebrs have no attachement permissions to ClassA Forum?
  2. Hint: cloud that be because MembersGroup has no access to the same forum, and they also are in that group ?
  3. Are the permissions additive or substractive when the user is in 2 groups with different authorizations in the same forum ?
  4. If so, what would be the correct setup

Thanks a 1000 (wrote 3 times this topic that was not saved, god knows why ?)