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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How do I get the forum to show fully on small screens and mobile phones

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Hi, many thanks to the developers of this plugin, it has been very useful. Please my challenge is that majority of the users of my forum are mobile users, and the forum doesn't show fully on small screens.

Is there a plugin I can use to make it show fully on small screens so users can have a complete view of the entire forum just like on PC?

I'll appreciate your help on this.


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wpForo behaves great in desktop and mobile. Your issue must come from yoru theme, still post a url so everyone can check and see what you mean.

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@dimalifragis Hi thanks for the reply, users can't view the stats of their post/topic on the mobile view except they put their phones on the landscape mode. 

It's a big challenge and I have been getting a lot of complaints.

Here is my forum: