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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to force moderation when post edited

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I have a forum where i would like all posts to be moderated.

The usergroup is not set to pass moderation and when people do post something it does need moderating which is great however they are able to edit without moderation.

I want them to be able edit their own topics / posts anytime but want the edited version to require approval too, how do i do this?

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Hi @jdobbsy1987,

I'm really sorry but this is not possible with wpForo. It requires lots of custom codding and cannot be added in core. However there are many hooks in core that can be used by some developer/freelancer to do your requirements.

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Ah that's a shame 🙁 thank you for replying anyway.

As a workaround for my use case the moderator could move the thread that requires editing to a new forum where the users have edit access and once edited can be moved back.

Thank you