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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Logging in

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Chris you are so amazing and I greatly appreciate all the help and support you have provided.  (1) I do have a SSL certificate with GoDaddy, they claim it's an issue on my site and I have to pay them to fix it, I figured I would do that after I finished this venture.  

I did do the changes but it will not allow me to log in.  (2) I don't know why I have 2 logins and (3) honestly I'm ready to forego this venture as what I thought was going to be fun is creating more fuss than it's worth...sorry...but thank you!

(1) @2ndlifeclub-com, Your SSL seem to be working now, my suggestion yesterday was in my screenshot, I don't think you have to pay anyone to do that, since you can also just put this settings below:



Okay, let's breath in and out and relax. 🙂

I checked your website again and I see on the top right corner of your website, there is a "Login" and the link goes to your Community webpage.

But when you click it, it goes to your WordPress LogIn page.

I also looked at your webpage source codes and noticed you have many javascripts going on (from your WordPress Theme and your Autoresponder - Mail chimp, etc.)

Setting up the Forum is easy, however, there are other components that come into play, like

(1) WordPress Themes,

(2) WordPress Menus, and

(3) WordPress Widgets,

(4) Recaptcha for Registration Pages.

Now having all that said, when the WordPress Core Components are tried and tested to all work together (1), (2), (3), then it is easier to open your website to (4) Registration.

That's when you can try and test to add

(5) "Plugins"

Adding a Forum (any forum for that matter) can seem to have "conflicts" if the Wordpress Core Components are not in place.  There may also be conflicts with Themes and Plugins.  

The issue you first had was because there were issues with the way your WordPress was set up.
So now, it looks like there's just some more details to take care of. (3) So I hope you don't give up now because you have gone this far. 🙂

And you have this community rooting for you and helping out (for free) - you don't have to pay anyone, but as the Admin of your forum, it's imperative you know the ins and outs of your forum, so be patient with yourself as you're learning something new. 🙂

I am trying to figure out how we can troubleshoot that Login issue, so here's something else to try and check (and let me know if it works or not):

I'm attaching screenshots of what else to try:

The Extra Login might be coming from your Current Wordpress Theme 

@2ndlifeclub-com You can double check your settings on your

  1. WordPress Dashboard,
  2. then Appearance
  3. Widgets

Look for "META" widget, because that has the LOGIN link to your WordPress Login, if you find that, then just delete it (you can safely delete it because it will still be in your Widget files, just "inactive")

Make sure you refresh the page (Press Control F5) on the Front End to see if that clears it up, or view your website in an incognito window. 

And if all that STILL doesn't work, then you can just put your exact LogIn Page, as Robert suggested in his post here

Also, disable your FB Log in for now, (or at least until you have figured out what's causing the multiple LogIns that are active in your forum, that seems to be overriding or ignoring the wpForo Login).  

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Thank you Chris 🌺 everything you suggested worked...I want to keep you in my back pocket!  Now I have to see where the members go when they register before launching as they were going into my wordpress users before.  

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@2ndlifeclub-com You're welcome and thanks for confirming that it worked. 🙂

Please mark this topic as "Solved" so that the wpForo Team can "close this topic", because if left open, future posts to it will generate the automated email notifications to everyone who participated in this post. (if they forget to unsubscribe). 🙂

I'm unsubscribing from all the posts that I participated in, in this Support forum here (except for 5 posts that I started myself) because my assistant, who reads and filters all my emails, is threatening to quit already - 🤣 😆 😳  from "eye fatigue" having to go through all my emails and automated emails that I get daily. LOL! He complains about getting too much from the forums, especially the ones that we are testing.

I'm just a regular member here who try to help if I can, (although I am getting the vibe that it doesn't matter to the people I try to help), so thanks for letting me know that my suggestion helped you. Good luck and God bless you!

@crisw signing off.

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