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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] My website is not indexed on google yet? not showing any page of mine on google

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About two week ago, i created a forum using WPFORO plug in. i have also submitted my website on google website. but none of page got indexed yet. 

 I tried to search my website on google but results were negative.

 Usually, when i submit any website on google webmaster, it get index with in one week. but my website is not indexed yet. 

earlier, i have read on your website, WPFORO have inbuilt seo,  that's why i have not installed any Seo plugin (yoast seo, ) in to my website. 

can you tell me do i have to use any third party seo plugin tool? 

my website link is:

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Hi @alanj,

Please read the third point of this support topic: