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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Nothing found on forums and wpforo menus after switching to SSL

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Hi team

Really love your work, nice and clean plugin.

After I decided to move complete WP site to SSL I got stuck with "Nothing found" pages when trying to access forums or using wpForo menus (like Members). I checked your support forum thoroughly and was not able to find similar issue. Already deleted other plugins (profile builder, clean login), checked permalinks etc. and also deleted and reinstalled wpForo.

Looks to me it has to do with the switch to SSL, please help out.

Interesting update: when I check "Turn WordPress to wpForo" everything looks good, unchecking this again results in "Nothing found" pages.


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I found my way around it to completely delete the wpForo plugin and do fresh install. Just to let you know that you need to delete the plugin folder on the webserver to start really fresh.


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You just need to delete wpForo Cache in Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page. Then navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings admin page and click on [Update Options] button to reset wpForo base URL.