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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problem with deleting wpforo ads plugin

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I don't can to disable wpforo-ads-manager. I was disabled the plugin in settings, but it send some strange requests to database and calls apache errors. How to disable it fully? It's serious problem because sometimes with large bandwidth it's calls error 504.

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HI @nikita-klimov,

I'm sure this is not the addon issue. This addon doesn't send any requests. It seems you've inserted some code in the addon banners so the request senders are your inserted ads' codes or the requests are sent from totally different places. It would be better if you provide exact information about that requests. In any case you can disable the addon, or delete the addon folder in your file system /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Please open new topic in gVecotrs Support forum and provide more information. All issues related to wpForo Addons should be discussed in gVectors Support forum corresponding addon sub-forum: