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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Problem with WPfore page forcing full width

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I am in need of some advise on this issue with the page width.

I have set all my pages to be in wide format, the theme PJ [ ] has settings for all pages to be Boxed / Wide / Full Width and you can choose to inherit this setting for each page or change it individually. This functionality works perfectly, but the moment I set the forum page in WPForo that page gets automatically set to full width and WPwofo is overriding the theme settings. 

If I call WPForo shortcode on a page that is not set in the WpForo settings, this problem is not present. Please advice how this can be fixed. 

I can not provide links, as those are internal pages for the site and only registered users have access to the forum.

Please advice.

Thank you for your time and help on the matter.

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Hi Sve23

Please record some video of the issue. 

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Issue was resolved, it was some strange issues with the theme styles and the plugin, but refreshing the setup resolved the problem.

Thank you.