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Profile Photos Can't Be Viewed Although Settings Are Open

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I think I am bothering you a lot, but I have to ask for help because I can't find a solution.

Avatars do not appear on the forum.

But it doesn't just appear in the forum content, it appears on the Members Page, it appears in the Meta Widget. But profile photos do not appear in the forum's topic titles and forum content. What Could Be the Cause?

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All threads and posts in your forum are from a deleted member (Gönderen Anonim)
So no avatar can be displayed

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Oh yes,

I solved the problem.

The problem actually seems to be caused by a security measure.

Since the id number for the Admin user of iThemes Security, one of the security plugins, is "1", it can change this ID number to prevent database attacks.

After this process, wordpress and wpforo do not synchronize. I solved the problem by editing all the ID numbers in wpforo on the database.

In this process "Sync users" from wpforo properties didn't work.