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"Recent Posts" Widget Shows "New" Next to All Posts, Not Just Single New Post

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I've been having an issue with my wpForo forum, I think, ever since the last big update.

If my "wpForo Recent Posts" is made up of a lot of posts from the same topic, if all posts have been seen (no "New" next to them in widget), if someone writes a single new post in that thread, the widget then shows a "New" indicator next to ALL of the posts for that thread, instead of just next to the latest post that I haven't read. 

My forum didn't use to show "New" in this fashion before — this was a change after some update to wpForo that I installed. Is there a setting I don't have set right now for it to only show "New" next to the single new posts and not for all posts from that topic where the new post was written?

Thanks for any help with this!

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The "New" buttons option is located at wpForo > Settings > Action Logging & Views: "Jump to First Unread Post with [new] Button in Topic Link"

The issue with showing new button for all posts, need to be checked, please provide Forum URL.