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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Some forum avatars missing after migration to new domain

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Hi @homdax

Have you tried to look at the Error logs?  

1) Forum Dashboard
2) Tools
3) Select Debug tab
4) Under Debug Information, select Errors & Issues

Also, I was wondering if the missing Avatars in your new domain were originally stored in your old forum using the "Specify avatar by URL", if the old avatars were stored in the old domain?  

Since on the Forum, we have three ways to display Avatars

  1. Default Avatar
  2. Specify avatar by URL
  3. Upload an avatar

If the avatars belong to the Admins, might be simpler to just reupload.    

I thought about the above because you mentioned that you were able to migrate the other avatars.  

Good luck and God bless you! 🙂 

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It is really very simple.

The path has changed. The path stored in the database has one folder too many and all I need is to adjust that path, but since it is about 50 profile rows I was looking for an SQL Update to do that for me.

I find no setting in WPForo that defines the Path to uploaded avatars, maybe there should be instead of storing the full path in the database. The images are available.

Worst case, sure I can do it manually in phpmyadmin, it is simple but a tad tedious.

There are zero errors in debug.

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