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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Still having problems with missing reset password link

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It's my understanding that one of the past updates fixed the issue of the password reset link missing from emails. The links were showing up again after updating the forum plugin, but now they aren't showing again. Can someone help walk me through this issue and get it fixed once and for all. It's driving users (and me, in turn) a bit nutty to keep chasing this bug. 




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Hi @brianc,

Current wpForo version doesn't have such problem. Something is wrong on your website, or there is conflict with other plugins.

Please check both. The native password reset email and the wpForo. You can switch those in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page using the "Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL" option.

Also please leave your forum URL to allow us test it.