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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Styling in Posts

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Hi there, I suppose in-post styling is not working with wpforo, am I right? I mean in the source code section, I include some additional css just for the post but it just disappears. I also tried html stying but this does now work aswell. Example codes that I used;

<table><tr><th colspan="2">Vegetables</th></tr>

table, tr, th { border: 2px solid #000;}

And neither;

<table border="1"> 

working. Or shall I use custom css in wordpress in every case?


Update: Alright I found workaround. Assigned id to tables and styled them in custom css. 

This is how you gonna do incase you wonder;

<table id="example">

This way you assign an id to your table, then style them in wordpress' custom css;

#example table, th, tr, td { insert some css here and add !important }