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[Closed] User's cannot post or reply to each other.

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We did a migration and everything went well. We were still able to post in the first 24 hours so I am having doubts that it was the migration that caused this.

We get this error ‘Reply request error’ and I don’t see any error codes I can search of.

I already did the following troubleshooting: → All Steps here in WPFORO Dashboard (Delete All Caches, Clean Up, up to the Hard Flush Permalinks)

→ Re-saved permalink in wordpress

→ Exclude forum from cache

→ cleared cache and disabled cache plugin.

→ All cleared my browser’s cache etc.

Please see the screenshot for the error.

I turned on debug mode in the settings but I am not sure where I can see the logs after. There's no new tab for it or anything.

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Hi @graemet,

Please provide admin access to your website, send the credentials to info[at], mention this topic in the email and let me know here that the email is sent.